Life Hacks for Minimalists

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I only check email once per week.

I move in straight lines on all occasions.

I avoid entangling alliances.

I let criticism pass through me like a rock through a ghost.

I say No to meetings and Yes to hack-a-thons.

I get into bed really fast.

When I encounter an ellipsis, I stop reading after the second period.

I only check email once per month.

I avoid unnecessary tasks, such as things that are pointless, counterproductive, or harmful.

I live on the equator so that I move farther in less time.

I turn off my phone 14 hours before I go to bed.

To avoid remembering names, I call everyone “Laura Davis”.

I close my zipper only 80% – saves 30 seconds per month.

“Fuel the beast”: I provide healthy snacks for the caged beast in my office.

I only check email once.

I use the Benjamin Franklin technique—if too many tasks pile up, I move to France.

I make one day per week my absence day: I fill it with absences.

I work at a bread mill desk—it’s a desk where you mill bread while you work.

I don’t sweat the small stuff, the big stuff, or the medium stuff.

Once every 40 minutes, I press the nearest off button no matter what.

I never neglect the fundamental theorem of calculus.

I make sure to save a little time each day for a “Dali Lama moment”.

I don’t speak what I can smile. I don’t smile what I can nod. I don’t nod what I can just mentally incinerate.

I turn near death experiences into ebook opportunities.

Each day, Instead of 3 30 min meals, I eat 40 1 min meals – a 50 min savings.

I don’t go to the cup, I bring the cup to me.

I never check email. I open an email account, then close it without checking it.

Instead of reading a book filled with different words, I re-read the same word as many times as possible.

Instead of complaining, I look at a picture of a dead guy for 90 seconds.

I work in a distraction-proof hyperbaric ward.


Minimalist Tree Image licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

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Alex Baia is writer and marketer living in Austin, TX.