Mantras for Masters

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To achieve Mastery, use these Mantras. 

I create new possibilities.

I improve constantly.

I am available to strategize.

I meditate constantly.

I propose the best options.

I go to power lunches constantly.

I fly at all altitudes.

I declutter constantly.

I elope with conundrums.

I destress constantly.

I unknot Nots.

I delegate constantly.

I came to party and to help.

I detox constantly.

I shift the paradigm like nobody’s watching.

I decentralize constantly.

I am unable to be unable.

I digest constantly.

I deemphasize the awful.

I respire automatically.

I am unavailable to be unavailable.

I show up in dreams frequently.

I dance dance dance.

I innovate endlessly.

I can help you to help me to help everyone to do anything.

I perspire incessantly.

I am a Yes monster.

I embrace the unsnuggly.

I am sempiternal.

I improvise constantly.

I am the smoke and the fire.

I’m outside the box unceasingly.

I dethroned an actual god.

I synergize constantly.

I am literally carved into a mountain.

I offer encouragement unremittingly.

I am sitting atop a flaming skeleton horse as the world burns.

I brainstorm interminably.

I am productive.


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