About Hyoom: Hyoom is a site for humorous, thoughtful writing, founded by Alex Baia. It features short humor pieces, essays, and interviews with amazing writers.

About Alex BaiaAlex is a humor writer and contributor to McSweeney’sThe New Yorker, and Slackjaw. He writes on topics ranging from unusual desserts to hilarious panopticons, and everything in between. But what’s in between!?

Alex studied comedy at iO Chicago, The Second City, and ColdTowne Theater and has performed improv on stages in Austin, Chicago, and New York City. He lives near downtown Austin, TX, with four specific houseplants that he learned about from a TED talk called, “How To Grow Fresh Air.” Watch it and thank him later.

Alex creates all of the material on this site. Except for the answers in the interviews. Obviously, Alex doesn’t create that.

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